Essential travel tips

We spent a lot of time researching all the best options on all the basic travelling needs so here's a quick guide to the options we chose and why.

An unreliable van can turn the trip of a lifetime into a living nightmare.
Read our article on what to look for when buying a campervan, and what to avoid!

Bank accounts and credit cards can often charge a fortune to use your card abroad, so choosing the right account is a must.
Read more about bank accounts we chose for travelling...

As new drivers intending to take our 1994 campervan across Europe for an extended period of time, finding insurance was a NIGHTMARE!
See our advice for finding the right campervan insurance...

We left the UK without a single tangible road map.
Find out how navigate around Europe here...

Breakdown cover
Finding breakdown cover for an 18 year old motorhome to travel Europe for extended periods?  MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!
We found a company in the end and they were amazing! Find out who...

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