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We found so many other people's blogs so helpful when researching that we decided to pool some of that information on our blog in the hope of helping to convince other people to get out and see the world too!  We love to hear from readers, so get in touch!


  1. Hello Chris and Ali, I have just stumbled upon your blog and I am enjoying reading it I would like some help if you are able to I am looking to buy a van like yours across in Germany, IF and only If you pass any or have dealings with any dealers who you think are a good bet to deal with would you pass the information on please? Best Regards Peter Oh yes and I have no idea how to blog :-)

  2. Hi Peter,

    We found Van Diesel on eBay from a private seller so I'm afraid have no recommendations on normal sellers. Have you tried looking into buying a van over in Germany? There are an awful lot of manufacturers over there and the steering wheel would be on the right side!

    If you're looking at Talbot vans specifically I'd recommend getting yourself on the forums at the Talbot owners club Those guys know the vans inside out and if you post a link to an eBay auction you've seen I'm sure they'll be able to give you sound advice on whether or not to buy. They're certainly more knowledgeable than us!

    Good luck with your travels Peter. I hope you decide to learn to blog, I'd love to follow your journey.