About Us

We're Chris and Ali, here's a pic of us in our Sunday best!  We met in Nottingham in 2008, hailing from London and Liverpool respectively.  We enjoyed some great holidays together but itchy feet took over and we started dreaming of one day travelling on a much bigger scale.  On New Years Eve 2011 we were heading home from a party when we witnessed a horrible murder on the main street through the centre of Nottingham.  That was the final straw for us and the planning started in earnest!

We scrimped and saved to get some money together whilst plans to get ourselves a camper van and drive around Europe started to take shape.  We both had to learn to drive first though!  Driving lessons and mountains of research later we found ourselves a Talbot campervan on eBay.  Almost a year on from the horrible incident Ali quit her job, we handed our notice in on our flat (Chris' home for 13 years) and away we go!

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