Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The long road home

Day 214 13.02.13 Namur

As the road tax is reaching its end and we’re more than a little fed up of being cold we decide to head back to Blighty.  This was the plan all along we’re just a couple of days ahead of schedule.  To break down the trip to the ports we plan a stop off in Namur, Belgium.  The drive is relatively easy and we get parked up along the riverside next to some rather noise Geese.

It’s a beautiful day with a brilliant blue sky and gleaming sun that makes us doubt whether our plan was the right one!  The spot we’ve parked up in is alongside some flats where one kind person has left their wifi unlocked.  We take the opportunity to get online and book ourselves some ferry tickets for two days’ time.  After a bit of online catch up time and lunch we head into town for a look around.

The walk along the riverside is very pleasant and the views up to the fort on the hill overlooking the town are very impressive.  The town itself is relatively plain but busy and the streets are filled with the glorious smell of waffles from the rows of street vendors (it’s almost like they heard we might leave!).  We get the ferry confirmations printed off at an internet cafĂ© and enjoy a stroll around the town.  There’s a nice church and a tall clock tower but not a great deal more.

With not a lot else to see we opt to walk to an apparently nearby (read 40 minute walk) supermarket to grab a few bits of food and drink for the last few days of the trip.  Along the way we walk along the comically named ‘Dave Road’ which gives us a chuckle!  After trekking the shopping back we settle into some internet time and watch some UK tv on catch up.  I have to admit we’re both very sad that our trip is coming to an end but it will be nice to have some of the luxuries of electricity, central heating and internet available 24/7!

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