Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Homeward bound.

Day 126 15.02.13 Dunkirk to Dover

We’re up bright and early to give me plenty of time to stress about getting to the port on time!  So much so we arrive very early and get put onto the ferry before our scheduled one.  We get Van Diesel on board and head up to the top deck.  I can get rather ill on the ferry journeys so the trip consists of utilising the onboard wifi in the lounge and then nipping outside into the freezing sea air to brush off the nausea!  It’s quite smooth a trip though thankfully and the bright sunshine over the sea cheers me up.   We arrive in good time and after the initial traffic snarl up on the way out of the port are on the road back to Chris’ mums and then end of our trip.  I must say it was nice to sit down on a plush sofa in a toasty warm living room and wrap my hands round a big mug of tea!

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