Saturday, 9 February 2013

Sideways hailstones and golfball sized snowflakes.

Day 206 05.02.13 Strasbourg

We sleep in until mid-morning and awake to glorious blue skies.  By the time we’re up, dressed and ready to leave, the sky is 50% blue and the other half is foreboding clouds.  We go into town and head to a couple of the independent stores that have been closed for the last couple of days.  We find a great shop full of merchandise from some of our favourite Japanese films, sadly all at astronomical prices!

We grab a baguette for lunch and the next thing we now there are golf ball sized hailstones whipping sideways through the sky!  We run for cover but they show no signs of stopping so we make a run for the van.  I’ve never seen hailstones quite like it, they genuinely hurt when they hit you!!!

Back at the van we have lunch, thankfully the baguette isn’t too soggy!  The hailstones make way for the heaviest snow I’ve ever witnessed.  Weather in this city is crazy!  It’s almost entirely white outside with all the ginormous snowflakes.  Thankfully it’s too damp on the ground to settle too much.

We wait around for the snow to change to rain and eventually die down so we can walk to the mediateque.  We spend the afternoon hiding from the weather whilst writing.  For the biggest mediateque in France it’s a pain that it doesn’t have wifi so I can’t get the blog updated having written up the last few days of entries.  Instead we call it a day after a few hours and head over to McDonald’s to catch up with all things online.  We’ve been lucky with all the free wifi of late, I suppose we can justify paying for it once in a while!  Unfortunately the wifi is ridiculously slow so after taking over half an hour to get one blog entry ready to go I decide not to bother, sorry!

We head back to the van for dinner and a DVD, thankfully it’s not raining, snowing or hailstone-ing for once!  Strasbourg has been an odd city really.  It’s very pretty in places but there’s a grubby feel to the place.  We get hassled at least a couple of times a day for money (despite looking like we have none) or cigarettes (despite being the only non-smokers in France it seems).  There’s no tangible personality or identity to the city which is a shame as there are lots of nice things to see and plenty to do (if your pockets are deep enough!).

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