Saturday, 9 February 2013

Winter sunshine

Day 201 31.01.13 Selestat

We got up and about early and strolled into Selestat for a look around.  It’s a beautiful day with bright blue sky and brilliant sunshine.  The town has a very impressive and large cathedral despite its small size.  The colourful tiled roof tops the look off perfectly.  Inside there’s a purple hue from the lights and some extravagant cloisters filled with statues against a backdrop of very lavish wall coverings.  Sadly the other church in town currently has a funeral going on so we can’t enter. 

One of the entrances to town has a tall clock tower which looks great against today’s rich blue sky.  The archway underneath has numerous religious paintings all well maintained.  Once inside the town we find some familiar half-timber houses.  There are certainly less than in the last few places we’ve visited but they have some fantastic features including two with a quirky, sloping staircase linking them.  Some of the other buildings have details painstakingly painted on and one jewellery shop in this style is particularly stunning. 

Some of the half-timber houses alongside the river are especially nice.  This would no doubt make for a lovely view if it weren’t for the fact that the river is a horrid brown colour, a real let down!  There really isn’t a great deal left to see in town and whilst there are some very lovely elements, it lacks the charm of our recent destinations.  Nonetheless we spend a while ambling around the small centre soaking up some much needed winter sun.  We take a walk up to the campsite to see if it’s open and has some nice, warm showers and a launderette we can use.  Sadly no joy, it’s shut until April which is a shame as the facilities look really nice.   Never mind, we grab ourselves a fresh baguette for lunch and head home. 

In the afternoon we head back over to the mediateque.  Having spent most of yesterday afternoon naughtily faffing around on the internet I had promised myself I’d get all the blog updates done today.  Quite a big task after about a week wifi free!  I got everything up to date as well as doing a bit of research on the next couple of stops whilst Chris got plenty of writing done.  Afterwards we took a short walk around town to see all the buildings lit up for night time.  

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