Saturday, 9 February 2013

Much needed life admin

Day 202 01.12.13 Selestat

We had decided to leave Selestat today but our plan is to go to Obernai for a day and then on to Strasbourg.  Driving into a major city on a Saturday is however generally a nightmare, compared to Sunday when the streets are much quieter.  This makes driving easier and also finding a parking spot!  We decide to just have another day here in Selestat chilling out mostly in the mediateque. 

We have a lazy morning with a short walk in town attempting to find a launderette with no success.  We’d usually ask at the tourist office but there isn’t one!  This is the first town we’ve found so far without a tourist office, I think they’re moving from one location to another but that’s no use to us!

We spend the afternoon at the mediateque, charging up the gadgets and spending time online.  I find there’s a launderette in Obernai – with its own website no less – so that’s that sorted!  I look into Obernai supermarkets, Strasbourg parking (looks like that’ll be fun!!!) as well as other bits of much needed life admin.  We’re down to our last few clean clothes and last bits of food so Obernai will be a good stop to stock up!  It’s nice to take a little break after a whirlwind sight-seeing tour of the Alsace region and catch up with everything after a few days out of touch.   

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