Saturday, 9 February 2013

More snow?!

Day 209 08.02.13 Nancy

We enjoy a bit of a lie in, somewhat imposed by the fact it’s snowing outside!   As it’s late by the time we’re up and ready we grab an early lunch before heading to town. 

On the walk into the centre of Nancy we pop into the cathedral to have a look around.  It’s surprisingly stark inside, mostly I think due to the lack of stained glass windows.  They just have plain glass windows so it’s very clinical looking. Otherwise there are some stunning bits of stonework and some nice woodwork too.  Without the colour from windows the place still feels a little lacklustre.  We also go into the St Sebastien church to have a look around, once again it’s a little plain inside save for some woodwork statues trimmed in gold which are pretty nice.  There’s not a great deal left in town that we haven’t been to visit.  Sadly the galleries and museums are pretty costly and the weather is starting to get a little too unpleasant for much aimless strolling around the streets. 

Regardless we head over to the large Pepiniere park for a look around.  There’s a mini golf course, a stage for outdoor concerts, a puppet theatre and a small zoo.  The zoo is free to enter but certainly not at its best this time of year, all the animals have thought better than to be out in the snow!  We can’t see the monkeys if they are indeed even in the enclosure but we spot the peacocks and some nosy donkeys come out to say hello.  I’m sure in the summer months this park must be a hive of activity and a great place to while away an afternoon. 

The snow starts to get much heavier and we’re out of places to visit so it’s off to the mediateque for some charging up and writing.

Nancy whilst it doesn’t have a huge number of sights to visit has a unique feel.  A lot of larger French cities can be quite similar but the grand main square and quirky Palais Ducal set Nancy aside.  It’s certainly a shame that because it’s out of tourist season so much of the city is currently under construction but I suppose on the flip-side visiting in winter means it’s not too busy!  I would definitely like to be able to see Place Stanislas in its full glory with working fountains though, I bet its quite a sight! 

Tomorrow we’re back on the road again this time to Metz.  We’re intending to bite the bullet and treat ourselves to a hotel room so we can get ourselves refreshed and enjoy a bit of time online.  It’s been too long since we’ve skyped home and been able to update the blog.   With the problems with the water pump we haven’t been able to have proper showers either so we’re a little scruffy to say the least!  I must admit we’re both VERY much looking forward to it!

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