Wednesday, 13 February 2013

If it aint broke, fix it anyway.

Day 212 11.02.13 Metz to Luxembourg

We wake up to find around 5 inches of snow has fallen overnight and Van Diesel is covered!  A few of the other campers are attempting to dig their way out of their parking spots and taking several attempts to drive up the slippery and steep exit ramp out of the car park.  I don’t think we’ll be going anywhere for a little while!  Instead we enjoy a lazy lie in.

Hunger gets the better of us eventually and we venture out all bundled up in clothes to fetch a fresh baguette for lunch.  Brrrrrr it’s chilly to say the least!  With full bellies we head out again to see some of the further reaches of the centre.  The town looks so different covered in a thick blanket of crunchy white snow.  We find our way over to the brand new Pompidou centre with its funky undulating roof.  Sadly covered in snow, the effect of its architectural quirkiness isn’t quite as dramatic as I’d hoped.  The nearby train station offers some lovely, more traditional architecture although once again much of the view is obstructed by barriers and diggers due to the tramway construction. 

We have a walk around some of the bits of town we’d missed yesterday but there’s not a huge amount left.  The slushy, icy pavement doesn’t make for too enjoyable a stroll and so we find ourselves running for mediateque shaped cover.  Unfortunately it’s closed and we’re stuck out in the cold! 

We head back to the van instead and discover some council workers out gritting the paths and removing some snow from the carpark.  Fearing another snowy deluge overnight we decide to get on the road while we can and head for our next destination of Luxembourg.  It’s a relatively direct drive into Luxembourg and we head to a Lidl store on the outskirts of the city where we can stock uo and then hopefully park up for the night as it’s getting late.  It’s unfortunately closed for a refurb (seriously France, leave things alone!!!) which is a major pain as we’re getting low on a few things and really needed a stock up.  

Instead we have to leave with fingers crossed that our first city parking plan works out as we’re rapidly losing light, the Luxembourg road system is a little ‘anything goes’ and it’s still bloody snowing!  Thankfully we find the park and ride carpark easily and it is, as we’d hoped, free.  We spot a height barrier on the entrance though and feel hope slipping away.  As we drive on past the rest of the carpark though we spot some transit vans parked inside which look to be a similar height to Van Diesel and so we loop back around.  There are no signs to say what height the barrier is set at so we have a rather worrying slow drive up to them and discover that we can mercifully fit underneath, huzzah!  It’s too late for any venturing around so aside from a short walk to see what’s on offer in the very nearby area (answer: nothing) we settle down for the night.

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