Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Returning to humanity

Day 210 09.02.13 Nancy to Metz

After a short lie in we were on the road to our planned hotel/hostel in Metz.  We got there easy enough and parked up.  There was nobody at the reception desk but a helpful man in the lobby pointed us in the direction of the booking machine outside.  After switching the language over to English we learned that we just needed to use a card to pay the machine for a code to get into a room, very handy!  Called Formula1, it’s a hostel meets hotel with double rooms and shared bathroom and shower facilities.  This helps them keep the price at a relatively low 33 euros a night per room. It’s a big treat for us since we usually live so cheap but we desperately need to get showered up, get online and charge the gadgets.

We’re soon in the room, lounging on a real bed and surfing the net.  I make myself get the mammoth blog update done before allowing myself a shower of equally epic proportions.  The showers were piping hot and very powerful, exactly what us grubby travellers needed!   After freshening up we both skyped our families and spent some more time caching up online. 

The room was similar to a University dorm in its no-frills style and had a double bed with a single bunk bed above it.  The view (once you got past the nearby industrial units) took in three tall spires in the centre of Metz which we’ll no doubt visit tomorrow.  It really has been very nice indeed to take a little time to recharge our batteries and we’ll leave the hotel feeling a lot more human!

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