Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Troyes - the real life edition

Day 178 08.01.13  Troyes

An early morning finds us off to soak up the last of town.  We amble around and head down every side street and alley way we aren’t entirely familiar with.  There are so many hidden gems in this town that to leave any inch unexplored seems a massive waste.  Lots more photos were taken and many more exquisite old houses found.

After a while we headed to the Mediateque again to charge up the gadgets some more.  It’s a pleasant place to be and we both get lots done here.  I got a password for the wifi only to find it achingly slow.  Nevertheless I managed to get the blog updated at a snail’s pace without losing all patience (just!).  On the way home we spotted that the sale signs were going up in the shops so we popped into a shoe shop to try and find Chris some new trainers.  Sure enough they had plenty he liked with discounts from 30 to 50% off.  We grabbed a pair at bargain price and he is now very happy to be out of his walking boots!

After some lunch we gathered up the washing and headed to the launderette.  We’ve been lucky so far this time to be able to find somewhere to get our clothes washed whenever we need it.  Unfortunately though without sun to dry the clothes we have to make sure they’re bone dry before heading home which with dryers that appear to be approximately 300 years old that can be expensive and time consuming! 

We eventually get back to the van with a bag full of toasty clean clothes and settle down to a film.  It’s been pretty cold today with a biting icy wind so we choose to warm ourselves up with a big dinner of chilli and potato wedges to fight the cold!

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