Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Meeting the newest addition to the family

Day 191 21.01.13 Annecy to Geneva

Chris and his new nephew Oliver
Chris and his new nephew
The view over Lake Geneva, Mont Blanc and Jet d'eauWe got up a little later than usual and got the van ready to head to the Swiss border.  If we cross over we have to buy a vignette for the motorway at 33 euros even for a short time so we’re parking up on the French side and Chris’ brother will collect us.  The journey takes a while as its largely uphill!  Given the mountainous terrain we opt for the toll roads which turns out to be ridiculously overpriced with a ten minute stretch costing over ten euros.  We park up in Lidl’s carpark which seems to have quite a few cars in it covered with snow that clearly haven’t moved today.  Hopefully that means we’ll be ok leaving the van here for a night or two.  We grab some shopping and have lunch before packing bags for our stay in Geneva.  We’re taking everything of value as we hate leaving the van especially overnight after the break in.  Our lift arrives and we set off for Geneva enjoying a view of the lake en route. 

We arrive at the flat that will be our home for the next few days and enjoy some hot showers before the guest of honour arrives, the new nephew!  He’s very tiny and utterly adorable.  The rest of the day is spent chilling out and catching up.  We enjoy a good meal, central heating and a proper bed for the night.  I can’t deny we’ve missed this!  

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