Saturday, 19 January 2013

A room with a view. And wheels.

Day 186 16.01.13 Macon

We awake to another chilly morning and yet more snow.  Once again we laze in bed for a little while putting off the inevitable moment of forcing ourselves from under the toasty duvet into a cold van!  Soon the sun breaks through the clouds and softens the blow!

We pick up a map from the tourist office and set off to look around town.  There’s lots of bright, blue sky and crisp, white snow.  It’s such a beautiful day that’s very welcome after lots of rainy, grey days of late.  There are lots of council workers doing their best to scoop all the snow into piles and grit the slippery pavements.  In town we find two very interesting looking churches and an extravagantly decorative post office building. 

There’s a large snow covered park alongside the rather uninspired looking cathedral.  Inside the cathedral however we find a different story with four gorgeous stained glass windows on either side and a central dome with paintings and carved cherubs.  There isn’t a great deal to see in town but it’s a nice place with a welcoming feel.  There are plenty of quirky shops and pretty little cafes.

My favourite part of town has to be where we are parked alongside the river with the view across the old bridge to a snow capped town on the other side.  It was all lit up last night too which looked great.  One of the best things about doing this trip in a campervan is that we can park up in these pretty spots and enjoy these great views from the comfort of our living room/kitchen/bedroom (you get the idea!) for as long as we want.

We grab lunch back at the van before another walk around town to find the attractive museum building and the old wooden house dating back to 1490.  Around mid-afternoon we’ve seen all there is to see and head to the mediateque for an afternoon of writing, charging the gadgets and wifi.  It’s a great opportunity to get the blog updated and do some research of different towns along our route to see if we should pop in and visit.  We’re there once again until closing time whereupon it’s back to the van for dinner and a film.

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