Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A moment of sheer perfection

Day 190 20.01.13 Annecy

Sure enough when we awake to the sound of church bells, the sky is clear and brilliant blue.  We take the opportunity to climb up the hill to the Basilica to enjoy the views over the town.  It’s a steep and tiring walk with some very slippery spots underfoot.   At the top there are a few too many trees blocking the view to really make the most of it but the snow topped roof of the chateau is particularly nice.  The church itself is surprisingly modern with fantastic stained glass windows and a cross in the ceiling formed from glass bricks so it practically glows with the bright sunlight streaming through.   Sadly the gardens attached are closed at the moment.  I’m not sure whether you are able to visit them but if you can then it’s no doubt where the best views over the town are to be found.

We tentatively climb back down towards town and grab a baguette on the way back to the van for lunch.  After filling our beliies we go for a walk along promenade beside the lake.  The sun is out inf full force and wonderfully warming.  It turns the crystal clear water of the lake a spectacular turquoise colour that has to be seen to be believed.  We walk down to the best spot where you can marvel at a horseshoe of snow clad mountains and grab a bench.  With the sun on our faces and perhaps the most beautiful sight of our trip so far laid out in front of us, it really is a perfect moment.  I cannot enthuse about the beauty of Annecy enough.  I truly am wowed by the place and find myself trying to take mental snapshots at every opportunity so I cannot ever forget how stunning it is.

After a good while enjoying the scenery reality bites and we remember that also on today’s to do list is the washing!  We slowly walk back alongside the lake and take in the views from the ‘Lover’s Bridge’.  The weather starts to turn as we head back, with grey clouds gathering and the brilliant blue fading.  We now feel much better about abandoning the view in favour of clean clothes.  We grab the two huge bags of washing and head down to the launderette which is rather busy.  We walk past a patisserie on the route which seems to specialise in giant tasty treats.  Chris grabs a massive pain au chocolate and I get my hands on a strawberry flavoured meringue.  Both were amazingly tasty and produced quite the sugar rush! 

Afterwards it’s pretty dark and so back to the van for the night.  Tomorrow we leave this wonderful haven to go and visit Chris’ brother, his girlfriend and their new baby in Geneva.  It’s about the only thing that could tear us away from here!


  1. Wow! Those photographs are amazing, as is the narrative. We are really enjoying 'travelling' with you. Just one question ... how do you keep the 'van warm at night when it's freezing outside and you haven't got electric hook-up?

    Fellow Campers

  2. Thanks, I'm really pleased with how some of the Annecy ones came out.

    Van Diesel has gas powered heating which takes the edge off somewhat. Mostly its just about hiding under the big duvet though!

    1. We've also got gas heating in our 'van but have never dared leave it on overnight. It probably would be fine but we are wimps!

    2. Us too, we just grin and bear it when it comes to night-time. We have plenty of blankets though. Getting up on a cold morning is a different matter though *shudders*. And heaven forbid you need a pee in the middle of the night, BRRRR!