Thursday, 31 January 2013

Back to the road

Day 23.01.13 Geneva to Bourg en Bresse

We had somewhat of a lie in to make the most of the ginormous comfy bed we’ve had here.  The next port of call was then to make the most of the nice, hot showers we can have here too!  Afterwards I got down to sifting through the ludicrous amount of pictures I took in Gruyeres in order to get the blog updated.

The rest of the morning was spent chilling out with Nick, Lucy and baby Oliver.  Before we knew it, it was time to set off back to the van and reality, leaving the family and luxury behind!  We’ve had an utterly brilliant couple of days here, thanks a million to our lovely hosts!

On the way back to the van we stopped for a quick look at the 140m tall Jet D'eau on the lake, very impressive indeed!  We were pretty nervous heading back to the van having left it for two days in Lidl’s carpark.  Thankfully though nobody seemed to mind as we were clamp-free and Van Diesel was exactly as we left it.  We said our farewells and headed into Lidl to stock up on supplies.

We then got on the road to Bourg en Bresse.  Our plans are to get back to the UK before the road tax runs out at the end of February.  Sadly that will be the end of our adventures for now (until next time!).   We’re taking a slow route back up north from here calling in at a fair few big cities along the way.  The first stage of our plan is to get Van Diesel out of the mountains!  Since driving through Switzerland would mean buying a vignette at 33 euros, we’re taking the long way around to Besancon via Bourg en Bresse. 

Unfortunately the journey is over 110 kilometres and largely on the toll roads.  Whilst we avoid them like the plague usually, toll roads are our safest route through the mountains in this snowy weather.  The mountain views along the way were once again amazing and cruising along between mountains covered in snowy pine trees we felt like we were in a Bond film!   Five minutes away from our destination I spot that the SatNav plans to take us under a bridge which is only 2.5 metres high which would decapitate the top metre or so of Van Diesel!  Instead we make a sharp turn into the car park for a large shopping area and decide that’ll do for tonight!  We grab some fresh bread for lunch and eat up.  It’s already almost 4 o’clock so a little late to be going to check out town.  Chris is in the mood for some writing so we head to the mediateque which just so happens to be over the road from our carpark.  Perfect! 

Once the mediateque closes its back to the van for dinner and a couple of films.

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