Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Fondue with a mountain view

Day 192 22.01.13 Gruyeres

Geiger cafe by the museum in Gruyeres, Switzerland

Views of snowy Gruyeres in Switzerland.
We were awake pretty early and enjoyed a lazy morning around the flat.  After a late breakfast we set off to Gruyere for a special surprise for Chris planned by his brother – a trip to the Geiger museum and café.  As a massive Alien fan we knew he’d love it and I couldn’t wait either!  The road there was almost entirely alongside the lake with spectacular views of the mountains along the way.

We arrived in the picturesque Medieval village of Gruyere nestled in the mountains with its pretty chateau (and massive cheese factory!)  The views of the mountains all around were jaw dropping.  We were so lucky to have gone up there on such a clear, sunny day that the views were so perfect. There was a steep walk up to the town and through to the castle where Chris quickly spotted a Geiger sculpture above the door.  His face was a picture when he figured out where we were!

Views of snowy cheese haven Gruyeres, Switzerland

Geiger Jesus Christ pose tableGeiger alien doors in the Giger museum Gruyeres, SwitzerlandInside the museum we found a fantastic collection of Geiger’s works as well as a number of pieces of art from his own personal collection.  We got up close and personal with props from the Alien films including a huge Alien suit which was rather terrifying!  The 18+ room gave us an even more terrifying glimpse into Geigers more erotic (read ‘totally messed-up) thoughts.  We were so lucky to walk around the museum almost entirely alone to enjoy it and also violate the ‘no photos’ policy massively!  There were so many great pieces to marvel at, huge paintings covering entire walls with so much detail it would take weeks to spot all the hidden nuances.   Geiger’s work is spell minding to look at, we could have easily spent many hours inside just aghast at all the wonderful things to see.  

Not time to dawdle though, the next stop was the famous Geiger café and quite possibly the highlight of the trip.  Decked out like Alien spaceship the place is utterly amazing.  You can take a seat at the bar in these phenomenal futuristic chairs or sit in a booth under the carved arch ceiling.  The drinks were astronomically priced but for the location, totally worth it.  It’s so odd to find both of these incredible but very strange places within the charming, medieval Alpine village of Gruyere known only for its cheese.

Geiger alien at the museum in Gruyeres, SwitzerlandGeigers famous bullet babies at the Giger museum in Gruyeres, SwitzerlandAnd speaking of cheese, that was our next stop!  We sat down at the rampart café in the walls of the castle with a great terrace overlooking the Alpine view for what else but fondue?!  The waitress brought over this monster pot of bubbling cheese as well as a basket of bread and some potatoes for us to dunk in the gooey cheese goodness – and some white wine accompaniment of course!  After gorging ourselves on cheese we waddled off down the one street in town, took some pictures of the view and then headed back to the car. 
With the Geneva rush hour traffic it took a while to get back to the flat where we all melted into the sofa for some lazy film watching.  It has been an absolutely incredible day that we certainly won’t forget in a hurry!  Huge thanks to our fantastic hosts!

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