Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Fog on the water

Day 189 19.01.13 Annecy

Imperial palace Annecy in the snowAfter another chilly night we awake to a very foggy day.  You can only just make out the outlines of the nearest mountains which doesn’t bode well for a day of sight-seeing and picture taking.  It’s also the coldest it has been so far.  We get up and head alongside the lake to the Imperial Palace building and gardens.  There is a man-made beach, playgrounds and even a slide into the lake, we’ll leave that to the summer visitors as its well below zero today!  No doubt in summer this is the place to be.  The gardens have clearly been quiet recently so the snow is very deep in places and makes a great crunching sound as we wander around.  There must be lovely views from here on clear days but today it’s mostly hidden by the fog.  The palace itself is just a large typically French grand building that now plays home to a casino.  After a little look around we head back to the van for some lunch. 

A snowman family we met by Lake Annecy
Afterwards we head straight to the library for the afternoon.  It’s just too cold for sight-seeing and with the fog you can’t see a great deal anyway!  Instead we enjoy an afternoon of wifi and warmth!  We both get writing done and research into places to visit.  We’re keen to get everything fully charged as the library is closed over the next two days and we’ll have to rely on our own electricity.  We’re warned of closing time by some old fashioned French style music which is rather nice and polite of them!  Back at the van we have some dinner before hiding under the duvet to enjoy a couple of DVDs.  Fingers crossed for some better weather tomorrow!

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