Sunday, 6 January 2013

Farewell wifi

Day 173 03.1.13 To Rheims

We spent the morning in the campsite as the owner didn’t seem too bothered as to when we left.  We got the last of our charging done and kissed goodbye to the wifi.  We set off for the city of Rheims and its massive cathedral.  We pulled up at the free aire close to town to discover the coded entry system I’d read about.  No worries, just call the phone number on the sign to get the code.  No such luck, all I got was a recorded message in French which I couldn’t understand but it definitely wasn’t numbers for the keypad!  We ended up driving into town through the nightmarish one way system to find the tourist office.  We parked up and headed over.  The lady gave us a code and we drove back…to find it didn’t work!!!  Thankfully we saw a van pass through the barrier before us so I followed it and asked the driver for the code.  I tried my best French at him but it’s possible after all the stress and running that I told him I was a motorhome.   We got the code though and drove into the handy spot by the river and just a ten minute walk to town.

We had lunch and spent a fair bit of time in the van calming down from all the faffing around.  It was mid-afternoon when we headed out to look at the cathedral.  It truly is a magnificent building, the scale of which you don’t truly appreciate until it’s looming over you!  Many parts of the frontage have clearly been replaced but nonetheless it’s an astonishing sight.  Inside the astonishment continues with the supersized stained glass windows and rows of chandeliers.  The ceiling is incredibly high, I felt so tiny next to the pillars holding it up!  There’s a very detailed model of the cathedral inside too, which is framed by some modern looking abstract patterned windows which are wonderfully bright and colourful.  It’s a huge and incredibly impressive place to be, worth visiting Rheims for this alone.  

By the time we emerge from the cathedral its getting dark.  We have a quick  look around the rest of the town and find the beautiful town hall building all lit up.  There’s lots of other pretty features and great looking buildings that I can’t wait to get a proper look at tomorrow.  Now though its back to the van for dinner and a film. 

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