Monday, 14 January 2013

Super liar

Day 182 12.01.13 Dijon

We head out in the morning to find a nearby ‘Super U’ that the billboard suggests is just down the road.  We walk along the lake we’re parked by and soon discover the sign’s pants may indeed be aflame as after a fair while of walking we still haven’t spotted it.  Given that we don’t even know if it sells food or not we give up and head back to the van!  It’s been a nice walk though, the lake is ginormous and includes a man-made beach as well as all sorts of facilities; a basketball court, volleyball nets and water sports centre.  We make lunch with what food we have left in the van and head into town.   We make for the south side of town to visit the Couvert des Bernadines with its huge green domed roof.  The museum inside is sadly closed for lunch so we’ll have to return later.

The weather today isn’t a patch on yesterday and blue sky has been replaced by freezing fog.  Not the best for wandering around outside and certainly not great for taking photos!  Back into town we visit the palace of justice with the most spectacular door I’ve ever seen.  It’s so impressively carved in a stunning Roman style, just beautiful!  We return to St Michael’s church to look around inside.  Once again we’ve just been too spoiled by churches lately but we enjoy the stained glass windows and there are some great sculptures here.

After a little while we return to the library for more charging and writing time.  It’s a shame to have to spend so much of our time away doing this but we have little choice.  Unfortunately given the lack of sunlight on this trip we’re not making too much of our own electricity so we need to make use of other peoples wherever possible!  

Afterwards we went for a walk towards the edge of town in the Darcy area, taking in the pretty little theatre building and a large park.  The park has a central fountain area with statues around which during the summer no doubt looks great, sadly at the moment it’s clearly been off for a while and it’s all a bit grubby! On our travels Chris comes across a militaria shop and buys himself a scarf to fight off the biting wind we’re suffering at the moment.  We also find the archaeology museum which we wanted to visit but it’s currently closed.  Winter clearly is not the time for tourism!  Looking at the clock we also realise we’ve left it too late to visit the museum of religious shiny stuff (possibly not its official name), which is a shame.  It’s getting dark and colder so we grab some munchies to fuel the walk home and get on our way. 

I think we can safely see we’ve seen most of what Dijon has to offer and it’s a lovely city.  It has more charm than your average big city with more of a small town feel in places.  It’s quite a tough place to get your bearings though as it’s laid out in a rather strangely and has lots of very narrow streets.  I’d certainly like to see this place in Summertime when everywhere is open and the refurbishments are done as it seems we’ve missed out a little with our January visit.  We’re back on the road again tomorrow, this time to Beaune.   

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