Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Not the merriest of Christmases

Day 164 25.12.12 Bruges to Ghent

We woke up mid-morning on Christmas Day and enjoyed a lazy lie in.  We had decided the previous day that whilst it wasn’t the most festive of options, a Christmas Day lunch at McDonald’s would allow us to get online and catch up with friends and family.  Sadly the connection wasn’t everything we hoped it would be, certainly too slow for skype but we got the blog updated and caught up with people via email, text and facebook. We also managed to cheekily charge the laptops and phones via a socket we spotted.  Afterwards we decided to head off to Ghent, our next stop.

The weather soon took a turn for the worst and we found ourselves on yet another rainy motorway.  It was a whole lot busier than we’d bargained for too, it seems the Belgians like to travel on Christmas Day. Thankfully the motorways here are all free so we can travel by the quickest route without worrying about the cost.  We arrived in a very rainy Ghent and set about trying to find the best parking spot.  The area we’d planned on looked pretty rough around the edges so we ended up in a carpark of a supermarket alongside a main road.  There’s lots of other people taking advantage of the supermarket being closed to make use of the carpark, it seems well lit and relatively close to town.  We did set off in an attempt to walk into town but the rain had other ideas for us and during the start of another heavy downpour we retreated back to the van to munch our way through the festive chocolates we’d stashed away.  Not perhaps the merriest of Christmases but we’re looking forward to exploring Ghent tomorrow and the weather forecast looks a lot more favourable.

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