Monday, 14 January 2013

Mr Enthusiasm

Day 179 09.01.13 Troyes to Chantillon sur Seine

We’re up early and head back to the shoe shop to see what other bargains they have for us today.  They were only starting to label up the sale items yesterday so we’re hoping there’s more on offer now.  Sure enough there is and Chris finds himself a second pair of trainers.  Sadly the heels I had my eye on turn out to be torturous to walk in! 

Off to the mediatheque again afterwards.  Last night’s film watching has stolen all my laptop battery and we’re keen to get everything at 100% before leaving Troyes.  I’ve even brought the SatNav with me for some charge and it’s the most power hungry device we own!  I swear I charged it for hours before we left the campsite and before our new destination it was moaning about needing to be plugged in!  We had planned to go to another campsite next but since we’ve been able to charge up here and get online, we’re going to wait a little longer.

Instead after returning to the van and grabbing some lunch we get on the road to Chantillion Sur Seine.  Its half way between Troyes and our next stop of Dijon so seems like an ideal resting spot to avoid too long a drive.  It would have been quite a relaxing journey had it not been for getting stuck behind a French moron who had decided to go for a long drive despite his brake lights not working! 

We park up in Troyes at the local hypermarket, a few truck drivers seem to be using the carpark for a nights rest so we figure they won’t mind us doing the same.  To sweeten the deal we head into the supermarket to find something to buy and leave in a shop-marked carrier bag on the passenger seat (wild camping pro tip!). We actually manage to find a mini dehumidifier which is something we’d been seeking for a long time.  The van can get quite bad for condensation on a cold night so we’re very happy to find it.

Afterwards we take a walk into town and head to the tourist office where we meet the world’s most enthusiastic employee.  I doubt they get too many tourists here so he completely seems over the moon to be able to practice his English on us, telling us about absolutely everywhere we might want to visit and we leave with a bag full of maps and leaflets for things to do in the region.  For somewhere we intended to be a quick stop-over it actually looks to be very nice and well worth a proper look around tomorrow.  Today however it’s getting too dark for photos and rather cold so we retreat to Van Diesel for dinner and a movie.

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