Monday, 14 January 2013

The return of the rain.

Day 180 10.01.13 Chantillon sur Seine to Dijon

We’re up early to take a better look at what Chantillon sur Seine has to offer.  The views along the river Seine are particularly nice and the river itself is surprisingly clean.  We head up a hill towards the large church (closed for refurbishment) and the remains of the castle walls.  There’s not a great deal left but it makes for an interesting walk and offers great views over this pleasant little town.  We’ve been nicely surprised by how pretty this little village is, especially since our only reason to stop here was a pin in a map!

After lunch we’re on the road again for the second half of the journey to Dijon.  The journey is a little more hair-raising with many a hair-pin bend in the centre of tiny villages!  So many of the villages we’ve passed through are made up of 6-10 houses and little else.  It’s odd to think how far these people must have to drive for schools, doctors and supermarkets! 

We arrive in Dijon to find the official aire near town is closed from October to April and so we opt to park up very close by in a large carpark for people visiting the Lake Kir.  It’s a very pretty spot and despite the pouring rain there are lots of joggers and cyclists around so we’re happy with the choice.  
When the rain dies down a little we got for a walk to town to see if the long stay parking at the train station would offer us a spot closer to town.  Despite what the map says though it turns out to be a multi-story carpark with low barriers that would behead Van Diesel!  We were keen to carry on to the centre of town but the weather had other ideas.  The rain soon picks up again and we return to the van, calling the day a wash-out.  It’s very cold too so we get the duvet out early and settle down for a film.  Fingers crossed that tomorrow’s forecast is more positive!

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