Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Snowy twins

Day 185 15.01.12 Chalon sur Saone and Macon

We awake to the scraping of shovels and the familiar crunching footsteps that tell us it’s been snowing overnight.  There has been a good four inches and the whole area looks very pretty.  We put off climbing out from under the covers for a little while but eventually bite the bullet and start the mammoth job of clearing all the snow off Van Diesel.  We do what we can but Van Diesel still has a large mohawk of snow on top that we just can’t reach!  Our next stop is Chalon sur Saone, a town twinned with St Helens where Ali used to work.  It’s also a convenient stop en route to Macon so we can check out the state of the roads before committing to a longer drive. They turn out to be largely very well maintained and quiet.  The only other drivers on the road all seem to be driving suitably cautiously too thankfully. 

The views on the way are just gorgeous.  The fields and towns alike are all covered in a thick, white blanket of crisp snow.  We pass lots of partially frozen lakes surrounded snow-capped trees, its tempting to pull over every five minutes to get a picture!

Chalon sur Saone church, FranceArriving at Chalon sur Saone we park up near plenty of other campers beside a large park.  We grab lunch with watching the local entertainment of two super-excited dogs having a whale of a time in the snow.  They were bounding about, jumping and making whatever the dog equivalent of snow angels are (a big snowy mess really!).  Chalon Sur Saone looks pretty under the snowy blanket.  The large cathedral is impressive for a town this small and inside is more attractive than many we’ve seen of late.  The cathedral is part of a big square with a number of nice, wooden fronted old buildings many of which have been turned into little cafes.  It’s a pleasant spot no doubt very popular in the warmer weather!  The rest of town is a little underwhelming aside from the other big square where you find the museum, town hall and a large church all of which are much more impressive than the rest of town would lead you to expect. There isn’t really a great deal else to see so we decide to head back to the van and get on the road to Macon. 

Chalon sur Saone, FranceThe roads are relatively uneventful and we park up by the river beside some very chilly looking seagulls!  We grab the laptops and head out towards town. It’s getting dark and cold already though and the toasty warm Mediateque with its power supply and radiators is too tempting to miss!  Town will still be there to explore tomorrow right?!  We settle down to do some writing as the snow starts to fall outside. 

Before we know it, it’s time for the mediateque to close so back to the van we go for dinner and a movie.  Looks like another cold night ahead!

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