Sunday, 6 January 2013

Not so happy campers.

Day 172 02.01.13 Bourg-et-comin

Up early we nip to a nearby supermarket to stock up on food and then head to a campsite we found online.  We need to get the van and ourselves all spick and span as well as charging all the appliances.  We arrive at Camping La Pointe and are immediately a little disappointed, its much smaller than expected and seems very quiet.  I book in at reception and the lady states a price almost 3 euros less than advertised, I should’ve taken that as a warning!  I would imagine in Summer the site is great but out of season it’s a mess.  The lights in the toilets and showers don’t work properly so it’s very dark.  The ceiling is falling to pieces and the sole urinal in the men’s leaks all over the floor.  We decide to fill up the van’s water tank and shower in our own bathroom!  The electricity supply is a little sketchy and things take much longer than usual to charge.  The wifi is also so weak we have to move the van right next to reception (and the very noisy workshop) in order to pick it up, and that’s only with our wifi booster!  We managed to catch up on some UK TV online and get up to date with emails etc but the signal was nowhere near good enough for skype.  I have to say however the internet was enough of a distraction that I didn’t get round to taking any pictures which is very naughty of me, sorry! 

Pretty disappointing to say the least!  We got done everything we needed but it was hardly the treat we’d hoped for!   

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