Sunday, 6 January 2013

The mating call of the French teenager

Day 171 1.01.13 Cambrai

We were awake early and fresh of head on New Year’s Day with plans to explore Cambrai.  Well that’s a bit of a lie, we wanted to go to McDonald’s to charge up the laptops and use the wifi but it didn’t open till 1pm so we were left with plenty of time to explore Cambrai.  There isn’t a huge amount here I must admit, but it’s a sunny day and everything looks better with a blue sky behind it.  The cathedral looks especially nice although there’s a service going on so we can’t go inside. We wander about taking in the small park, the town hall and Chambers of Commerce.  Afterwards it’s off to McD’s for lunch accompanied by blogging and charging for a good little while.

When we’re done its mid-afternoon and we’ve little left to do in Cambrai so we opt to head on to our next spot of St Quentin.  We park up out of town and walk in.  We’re immediately greeted with some rowdy groups of teenagers shouting and swearing at one another.  Classy.  It seems to be the way they flirt with one another from the looks of things, who was it who said the French were romantic?!

The Christmas market seems to be their mecca which puts a dampener on an otherwise nice set up.  Unfortunately however the ginormous Christmas trees and decorations do somewhat ruin the view of the attractive buildings around the main square where the market is being held.  We take a walk to the basilica which is rather impressive and also come across a beautiful Government building with Baroque fa├žade.  All in all there are some nice elements to the town but it’s scruffy in main places and the background noise of shouty youths is beginning to take its toll!  The light is fading fast anyway so we give up and head back to the van.  Perhaps on another day we would’ve had a better experience in this town but today it’s pretty unpleasant.   

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