Thursday, 31 January 2013

A pretty pit stop in chicken country

Day 194 24.01.13 Bourg en Bresse

I woke up feeling rather under the weather with the start of a heavy cold.  We head into town anyway to have a look around.  Our first stop is the monastery with its colourful tiled roof and impressive fa├žade.  There’s lot of intricate carving and some great looking gargoyles.  Entry is quite expensive so we just have a look around the outside.  Once again there is a lot of refurbishment going on so a fair bit of scaffolding spoils the view of what is otherwise a very attractive building,

Onwards to town we find the large Notre Dame church with its tall clock tower.  The outside is once again very grand.  Inside we find tall stained glass windows and high arched ceilings.  The seating area for the choir is entirely made of carved wood.  Each seat has a carved face on the underside and the back panels have much more extravagant designs.  There is no doubt that a lot of work from some very talented people has gone into this area.

Elsewhere in town we find a number of very old, wooden fronted houses in various states of repair, some of which are very nice.  The theatre building is very attractive as too is the town hall.  There is also a small but pretty park alongside the river.   There isn’t a great deal else to see, this was only intended to be a stop off to give the van a break from driving.  Van Diesel doesn’t exactly love hills so when passing through mountainous territory we don’t like the push it too far!  We head back to the van in the early afternoon for some lunch and then it’s off to the mediateque.  I’m not feeling up to much else and it gives Chris a chance to get some writing done.

After a while its back to the van for films, food and an early night to try and fend off the lurgy!

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