Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Stop it and tidy up.

Day 184 14.01.13 Beaune

We decided to take a day out from exploring to get ourselves back on track a little.  Our first stop was the large Lidl less than five minutes’ walk away to stock up on food and drink supplies.  We had to take a second trip to buy a load of bottles of water for some showers later.  We also grabbed some supplies from the local Carrefour supermarket about 2 minutes from the van.  This carpark is perfectly placed!  After some lunch we try the wifi connection coming from the nearby hotel to see if it’s behaving better today (it packed up after about 5 minutes yesterday).  Sure enough it is and we manage to get a good deal of time online to catch up with friends and research the next part of our route.  After a stop in Geneva we hadn’t got too much of a clue where to go next, only that we need to get back to the UK before our road tax runs out at the very end of February.  We spent a good while looking into different cities and plotted at least a vague route that includes a stop in Strasbourg, Metz and Nancy possibly even nipping up to Luxembourg to get the country count up!

Chris manages to skype home before his battery dies.  Since we’re planning showers we blast the heating for the first time this trip. Its bitterly cold today and the idea of stripping off seems torturous!  A little while later though we’re feeling much better and get showered up.  We give the van a clean and tidy up too.  Next it’s time for an early dinner and then we grab an electricity token (3.70 euros for 4 hours) and get charging the gadgets.  The internet stays relatively well behaved so I can get the blog updated and skype home too although albeit cut short by the signal cutting out. We use the last of our electricity token to power the laptop for a film before wrapping up for the coldest night so far!  Brrrrr!  

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