Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Rain rain go away

Day 161 22.12.12 Bruges

We awoke mid-morning to a very damp Oostende.  We reluctantly got up and plotted a course for Bruges. The first parking spot we had in mind turned out to be situated on the main ring road surrounding the city, which didn’t look too conducive to getting a good night’s sleep!  We drove on to a Lidl down the road to get some shopping done and spotted a quiet residential area behind it.  There was plenty of space to pull in alongside a school which we assumed would now be closed for Christmas so we parked up down there after picking up some goodies at the supermarket.  There’s a small petting zoo/farm attached to the school with chickens and bunnies which I must admit adds to the appeal for me!  Yay bunnies!

Unfortunately the rain continued for the rest of the day.  It was very heavy and utterly unrelenting.  After a little while of hoping it would die off soon we bit the bullet and made a run to a nearby McDonalds to look up the weather forecast for the next few days.  Thankfully it looks to dry off from tomorrow lunchtime until Christmas Day so I think we’ll just chalk up today as rain stopped play.  We snuggled up in the van and watched a DVD, read and chatted.  We’re both raring to visit Bruges but the rain is just horrendous so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

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