Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Bruges by night

Day 163 24.12.12 Bruges 
 Christmas time in Bruges complete with Xmas tree
Bruges famous canals.  Perfect for winter walks.
Chris was feeling much better when we awoke so we got up quickly and headed out to the nearby supermarkets.  They close on 24th and most don’t re-open until 31st so we have lots of stocking up to do.  It takes a lot longer than expected as all the locals are stocking up too and we end up with a lot more chocloately goodies than actual food. You can’t come to Belgium without trying their truffles right?  It’s offensive or something.  For the second time in as many days we were approached in the beer aisle by a local looking to help us select the best brew.  They really do love their beer here and they like to make sure the tourists do too!

Bruges Belfry tower and festive shopsBelfry tower in Bruges, Belgium complete with Christmas ice rinkAfter an early lunch we headed back into town.  There’s still a surprising amount of tourists around and everywhere is very busy.  We enjoy walking along the canals and discovering some pretty spots we’d missed the day before.  The queue dies down long enough for us to nip inside the Basilica and enjoy the extravagant altar and stunning stained glass windows.  At 8 euros each though we opt not to climb up the Belfry tower.  The rain holds off all day and makes for a much more pleasant time exploring. 

It soon gets to dusk and all the Christmas lights come on.  They’re so much classier and more traditional than back home and really add to the look of the town.  The shops continue to amaze with their festive displays, one of the shops which specialises in old wooden toys is particularly lovely and looks like its straight out of a fairytale.  Bruges is really a very lovely city which some gorgeous views to take in.  We’d hoped that it would be quieter than it is though and the multitude of tourists does dampen the appeal slightly.  Nonetheless we’ve really loved it here and been bowled over by its pretty charm.

Bruges by night at Christmas time with added fairy lights!

As the night starts to get colder we head back to the van.  On the way we spot an awesome looking bar on the way home named Bauhaus.  It looks quirky and fun.  It’s also attached to a hostel so we figure it can’t be too expensive and drinking is festive right?  I seem to be making a lot of excuses today!  It was a great little place, perfect for people watching as lots of backpackers thousands of miles from home back friends to spend Christmas with.  It was a very welcoming place and to see so many people in a position similar to ourselves made us feel right at home.  The beer was pretty good too! 

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