Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Belgium bound

Day 159 20.12.12 Dover to Dunkirk to Oostende

We were up early to do some last minute packing and to say our goodbyes before hitting the road to Dover.  The weather was horrendous with some major downpours causing a lot of spray and poor visibility on the motorway.  Thankfully all the other drivers were being cautious and we reached Dover unscathed and early.  Despite a very choppy looking sea, the ferry journey was surprisingly smooth for which we were very grateful!  As luck would have it we wound up being the first vehicle off the ferry, a nerve-wracking affair especially after a false start of the engine (performance anxiety!).

Traffic out of Dunkirk was busy and the weather grey and drizzly, not much of a warm welcome. We drove on into Belgium towards the sea-side town of Oostende and parked up in a free aire beside a pretty lake.  A very pleasant and extremely quiet spot.  We settled in for a late afternoon nap after having little sleep last night.  Afterwards we had some dinner, watched a film and did some reading before bedtime part 2.  We hope to be up bright and early tomorrow to explore the town.  It feels great to be back on the road and nice to be back calling Van Diesel home.

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