Thursday, 18 October 2012

My Girona

Day 155 25.09.12 Girona

We awoke to find that the park near our parking spot was playing host to a huge morning market so we got up to go and take a look.  There was a huge range of items on offer from clothes and jewellery to fruit and veg.  It was a real bustling place and we managed to pick up a few bargains, including some new shirts for Chris and a replacement purse for me.

After a long chat we decided that we would take our trip back to the UK sooner than anticipated.  We left the UK without a single tangible map, as everything was on the laptops.  Since they’ve been stolen we’re more than a little stuck so we’re headed back home to get fixed up. After some lunch we went to a nearby internet café to go online and get the SatNav coordinates for some stops through France on the way up to Calais.  Unfortunately we ran out of time and the café was so annoyingly slow and rubbish we didn’t get to book ferry tickets.

Despite fears about leaving the van we decided to go for a look around town.  I’d been really looking forward to visiting Girona and we were determined to leave Spain on a high note.  We certainly weren’t disappointed!  Girona is a fantastic city with some utterly stunning views.  You can really feel the influence of nearby France in the style of the buildings and the overall feel of the place.  Walking along the river offers some truly lovely views, with the brightly coloured apartments as well as the stunning cathedral all reflected in the still water.  From the Romanesque Sant Pere de Galligants to the Gothic Collegiate Church of Sant Feliu, Girona is certainly not short on impressive sights.

We climbed up onto the old city walls for a better view over Girona and were blown away.  It’s such a charmingly adorable place to be.  Whilst much of the walls have been heavily restored, it makes for a great way to experience this gorgeous city.  We were both very much taken aback by how pretty this place is.  There is a real relaxed feel to the old streets and everywhere you turn provides another picture postcard view. 

After a little while we both began to feel uncomfortable being away from the van so we headed back. I’m so glad we could come and visit Girona and hopefully we’ll get to return another time in better circumstances!

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