Thursday, 18 October 2012

Homeward bound

Day 158 28.09.12 From Toulouse to Blighty

We were up early to fill out all the appropriate documentation and get ourselves ready for the airport.  The taxi arrived a fashionably French 15 minutes late to take us away.  I have to say leaving Van Diesel not knowing when we’d be reunited broke my heart.  At least there were some nice views for the van to enjoy in the French countryside!

The taxi journey cost a whopping 175 euros!  Watching the meter tick up was awful but I suppose we’d have spent the same, if not more, on petrol to get us to Calais.  I’m trying to look at it that way at least as the breakdown cover only compensate up to 30 euros on taxi journeys!  At the airport we headed over to the Easyjet desk to buy our tickets.  I have to admit the temptation to act like I was in a film and book a ticket to anywhere pretending I needed to stop the love of my life getting on a plane and leaving me forever was very tempting.  But reality prevailed and I bought two tickets to Gatwick.

Between the two expenditures we’d maxed out our travelling debit cards and I had to resort to my UK account card to get out money for lunch (thanks HSBC for the £1.50 charge on that!).  We had a while to wait until flight time so looked around for somewhere to get lunch.  Unfortunately everywhere was extortionate even for an airport!  Our measly lunch of chicken wings for Chris, a pasta pot for me and a bottle of Fanta to share cost over 16 euros!  The service was appalling too!

Afterwards we went through all the checks and thankfully I didn’t have to expose my embarrassing pocket pants secret!  We called Chris’ mum to tell her when we’d be arriving and she informed us that Chris’ brother and his girlfriend were due to arrive at Gatwick within half an hour of our flight so we could all travel back together.  Such a strange coincidence!  Our flight was on time, uneventful and we met up with Chris’ brother and his now very pregnant girlfriend and headed back to the Surrey homestead.

So there we are!  It’s certainly not the way we’d hoped to end this part of the European tour but that’s life.  It’s nice to be back home catching up with family and friends and hopefully it won’t be too long until the van is back.  We’re going to see how much all the repairs cost and take it from there.  Fingers crossed we’ll still have enough money left over for our planned tour of Italy to escape the worst of the UK winter! 

Huge thanks to everyone for your kind messages of support after the break in and breakdown.  It’s lovely to know that there are people thinking of us and following our journey.  Hopefully we’ll have some good news for you soon!


  1. Hi
    We've missed you. Have checked every day to see if you were back online. Don't worry, we're not stalking you! Just love hearing about all your adventures and looking at the stunning photographs.
    Have a good time in England with family and friends and we hope to 'tour' Italy with you and Van Diesel soon.
    Best regards
    Fellow Campers.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your lovely comments!
    I always update our facebook page whenever I've updated the blog so heading over to and giving us a 'like' is probably the easiest way to keep track!
    We're currently waiting for the mechanic to take off our turbo so we can find out the part number and get it replaced. It's going to be a costly one I think eeep!