Thursday, 18 October 2012

Picking up the pieces

Day 154 24.09.12 Barcelona

I headed over to the shopping centre for 10am when it usually opens to use their wifi to find a place to get the window fixed.  Sadly being a bank holiday in Barcelona it was closed which meant that the back-up plan of getting a load of cardboard and tape was also a no go.  I headed back via where the van had been broken into on the off chance they’d dumped my purse on finding it empty but no joy sadly.  I stopped off at the Ibis hotel to ask about nearby internet cafĂ©’s and they very kindly allowed me 20 minutes free use of their internet services without me even explaining why I need it, very much appreciated!

I soon found out that the bank holiday meant everywhere in Barcelona would be closed.  Given that we didn’t feel safe in our parking spot and hadn’t seen any others in Barcelona, we had spoken about heading to Girona so I found us a Carglass there.  Still a little shaken we decided it was for the best to get out of Barcelona and get to Girona to have the window looked at there.  It was a huge shame to have to leave Barcelona before we wanted to since we had lots more festival related plans and didn’t even get to say bye to Rob.  It was for the best though in the end and we hold no bad feeling to what remains one of our favourite cities.

Along the way to our next destination, the van was misbehaving somewhat so we pulled over in what turned out to be a beautiful hillside spot.  After some fiddling under the bonnet we were back on the road.  Onwards to Girona we drove, arriving at Carglass 4 minutes after they closed for their siesta time – the bad luck continues!  We waited around in the van for 2 hours until it reopened.  The guy on reception spoke no English but understood the Spanish my sleep-deprived brain could muster explaining the situation and begging for his help.  He put me on the phone to a very helpful woman at their head office who informed me that replacing the glass would be a long wait of at least a week but instead we could have the team install some plexiglass.  That would plug the gap for now and be free of charge.  Result!  They did a great job and we were very thankful indeed!

We drove on to a parking spot beside the river near Girona centre and had a short walk around the nearby area before settling down for some much needed sleep.


  1. Hi Guys
    This is how most folks are in Spain...very helpful if not a bit slow. So sorry to hear about the police in most huge cities this is the case.
    Dont give up !


  2. Hi Antonia,
    The help we got at the hotel and Carglass really cheered us up after our experience at the police station.
    We're now waiting on the mechanic to get Van Diesel back in working order and then hopefully there'll be enough left in the pot to get us to Italy!
    Fingers crossed!
    Thanks for reading!