Thursday, 18 October 2012

A whistlestop tour of Gaudi's finest

Day 150 20.09.12 Barcelona

La Pedrera by Gaudi in BarcelonaSadly the pictures I took to go with this post were on my laptop which got nicked L so I’ve decided to use a couple of pictures from our visit to Barcelona two years ago so you can see where we’re talking about!

We spent most of the morning in the shopping centre nearby, charging up our gadgets and updating the blog.  After some lunch we walked up to the Sagrada Familia to enjoy the views.  I have to say we were both a little disappointed with some of the recent restoration work as it seems a little softer and more rounded than the previous stark, sharp spires.  Apparently they’ll have all the work finished by 2026, just 140 years since they started!

La Sagrada Familia by Gaudi in BarcelonaCasa Battlo by Gaudi in Barcelona, SpainOnwards we went to look at Gaudi’s stunning La Pedrera building with its undulating fa├žade.  Just down from here you find another Gaudi masterpiece in Casa Battlo which I have to say is probably my favourite building in the world!  Quite a statement but this place is just astonishing.  Unfortunately it’s also a whopping 20 euros plus to get in!  We visited a couple of years back when it was a fair bit cheaper and were just blown away by the architecture.  There’s barely a right angle in the whole building, it just flows from one room to another with phenomenal smooth curved features.  It’s a thoroughly amazing building and a real shame we were priced out of a second visit.

We enjoyed a long walk around this side of town, taking in the architecture before heading wearily back to the van.  Barcelona is an amazing city but exploring it really does take it out of you!

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