Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A quick update...

So, we're still in Surrey.  The mechanic has taken the turbo off Van Diesel and it looks like this.

The cast iron pipe that goes from the turbo to the exhaust has split completely.  Trying to find a replacement for the part we need has been an absolute nightmare!  Being an old van means the turbo isn't in production and getting a new one made would be very expensive, especially considering we only need the pipe.  We decided instead just to get the pipe itself made.  Cast iron re-builds are incredibly costly though so we've found somebody to make it out of stainless steel for us.  We dropped it off with him yesterday and it'll take 1-2 weeks for our shiny new part to be ready.  

Sadly with the turbo off we can't drive Van Diesel back to the house so we can't get on with any of the freshening up work that needs to be done.  Until we know the full costs of all the work we can't make a firm decision as to what we'll do next either so we're kind of in limbo at the moment!  

We're trying our best to stay positive and have our fingers well and truly crossed that everything will turn out well.  I'm hoping to use this bit of free time to write some new articles for the site on what we've learnt so far and Chris is getting on with writing his book.  We'll keep you all updated as best we can and hopefully we'll be escaping the winter chills soon!

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