Thursday, 20 September 2012

Invisible launderettes and the world’s craziest cat lady

16.09.12 Vilanova i la Geltru

We’re back on the road early to a launderette on the outskirts of town that I’d found online.  Unfortunately the whole area is undergoing a lot of work and it looks like the launderette must have been pulled down to make way for a supermarket currently in construction.  It’s a real pain as we’re both running low on clean clothes and the bedding could do with a wash too.  The area we’d parked in was dodgy as hell with dismantled cars on the street and one with a smashed side window and a screwdriver in the side.  Not the best place for Van Diesel, so we made a sharp exit!

After filling up on petrol we headed to Vilanova i la Geltru.  It’s a seaside town with a big port and a couple of nice beaches.  The plan was that it would hopefully we quiet enough for us to grab a load of water from the beach to get washing done.  The council had other ideas though and had put up signs banning campervans and caravans from the beach car park entirely. 

We managed to find a spot in a nearby residential area for the time being and set out to find somewhere else.  We spotted a car park near the other beach which had a camper in it.  Being a very sunny Sunday though the car park was completely full so we decided to drive over in the evening once the beach-goers had headed home. 

Time to have a look around town then!  I have to say it doesn’t exactly have much in the way of sights sadly.  Some of the university buildings are attractive, especially the library.  We came across a day centre too which was really very nice indeed.  Other than that it’s just a quiet seaside town centre.  The beaches are very nice and well looked after with long strips of golden sand and calm blue sea.

After heading back to the van we ended up getting rather sucked in to playing a computer game on my laptop.  Before we knew it, it was about 9pm!  We still hadn’t had dinner and it was certainly time to move the van oooops!  As we were leaving a rather bedraggled looking woman appeared shaking a box of cat treats and suddenly from nowhere about 30 stray cats appeared and followed this woman down to the beach, it was a very surreal moment!

As we moved the van (being very careful to avoid cats of course) we saw the new car park also banned motorhomes.  Given that the one we’d seen earlier was still around we opted to risk it.  We parked up and then headed to the beach to fetch water, much to the annoyance of the couple trying to have a romantic night time picnic by the sea oooops again!

Back to the van after a couple of water-fetching runs and time to do some hand washing before more gaming and bed.  Not the most exciting of days I’m afraid!

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