Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Day 139 8.09.12 Valencia

After a lazy morning and early lunch we head into town to visit the Silk exchange building that has been closed the last two occasions we tried to visit!  On the way we pass the modern market building which is now open after the renovations.  Sadly it’s not as impressive or surreal on the inside as the outside would lead you to expect.  There are lots of fruit stalls and we pick up a ginormous apple each which I must say was very tasty!

Over the road the silk exchange building is finally open and entry is free.  The main hall as you enter is a cavernous space with its high roof held up by wondrous, incredibly tall pillars.  It’s a very sombre hall after so many of Valencia’s flamboyant Baroque buildings.  The windows are beautiful and huge gothic chandeliers hang from the ceiling. 

Through to the courtyard garden you can better see the detailing around the top of the building, with huge gargoyles looking down at you.  The two adjoining rooms each have their own assets with amazing ironwork dragon lights and gorgeous stained glass windows.  Upstairs however is the main highlight with a carved ceiling full of gold detailing.  It really does make the jaw drop as you enter this striking room.  I’m really glad we finally got to visit this great place.

Afterwards we headed back the long way through town to see the sights for the last time.  We’ll be leaving Valencia tomorrow to head for the beach in the hope of getting some water on-board.  I have to say we’ve both been bowled over by this city.  It’s a glorious mix of spectacularly extravagant Baroque architecture and the phenomenal, gravity-defying futuristic style of the science park.  Throw in the sumptuous greenery of the riverbed park and you really do have a city you shouldn’t miss.  It’s catapulted itself into our list of favourites that’s for sure.

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