Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Back to the future.

Day 138 7.09.12 Valencia

Valencia Science Park - City of Arts and Sciences

City of arts and sciences in Valencia riverbed parkToday we opted to have a lazy chilled out day.  We’ve done a lot of walking of late and are both feeling a little worse for wear as a result!  We spend the day writing.  Chris manages a fair amount of progress on his book and I finally manage to get up to date on the blog entries as well as sorting through the mountain of photos I’ve taken to go with them.

In the afternoon we go over to McDonald’s in the shopping centre so I can get the blog updates uploaded.  It takes a long while and my laptop battery is dead shortly after! 

Valencia science park in Spain
After dinner we head over to the Science Park to see how it looks lit up in the evening.  It’s wonderfully quiet and the buildings look even more fantastic and futuristic lit up and reflected in the pools below.  I can’t get over how inventive the buildings are.  Many aspects of them just seem to defy the laws of physics!  It truly is a wonderful place to be, certainly somewhere we’ll miss when we leave.  As you can see I got a little snap happy with the camera!
IMAX cinema in city of arts and sciences Valencia

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