Sunday, 30 September 2012

The bad luck continues...

30.09.11 Surrey

We left Barcelona sharpish after the break-in and headed North with the plan of taking about a week to get through France and then ferry home.  Full day by day updates will go up when I have a new laptop!  Unfortunately however the van had other ideas and after a lovely visit to Carcassonne we broke down on the motorway.  The accelerator pedal started hissing and then the van began to sound like a tank!

Thankfully our phenomenal break-down company ADAC came to tow us to a nearby garage (after we'd moved far enough away from the French toll road with their silly rules!).  After 5 hours of watching French TV the garage told us it was a problem with the turbo.  They said they could possibly bodge a fix in a weeks time or order in a part that'd take at least 3 weeks.  Once again ADAC saved the day and offered to ship the van to the UK so we could get it fixed there and wait for the part in the comfort of Chris' mums house.  They also offered to pay for our flights back to the UK and some of the rest of our transport.

So here we are back in Blighty with poor Van Diesel left in a French field.  Its certainly not what we had planned but hopefully our little family will be reunited soon and we can set about getting the van back to full health.  Fingers crossed it will all be cheap enough that we can get back on the road to Italy and avoid the horrid UK winter!

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