Thursday, 20 September 2012

History is expensive

Day 146 15.09.12 Tarragona

We were up early on our second morning in Tarragona and so headed over to the shopping centre nearby to get the blog updated at McDonald’s and catch up on emails.  After dropping the laptops back at the van and grabbing some lunch we headed out to do some more sight-seeing.

The first stop was the Roman Necropolis.  Unfortunately this attraction seems to have been closed down.  We couldn’t get in nor find any information on opening times.  The surrounding buildings all seemed to be falling into disrepair too, the whole area seemed deserted.  You could see most of the site through the fence but nonetheless we’d been hoping for a better look!

Around the block we found the green building with an outer shell covered in plants and flowers, it was very pretty.  Onwards towards town we headed over to see the Roman forum.  The entry fee was a little steep and again you could see all the site had to offer by wandering around the edge (and saving your pennies!).  Having rambled around a lot of Roman ruins on our travels these weren’t overwhelmingly impressive.

We then walked along the edge of town to a fort on the very far side.  We’d hoped to have a look around but it was all locked up.  The views out to sea however were definitely worth the walk.  Sadly the views back to town don’t paint Tarragona in too favourable a light, its much nicer close up!

Back in town we enjoyed a walk around, soaking up the atmosphere of the start of the festival.  It begins today and runs until 24th September.  Today is gastronomy day and there are lots of tables out in the streets with people enjoying local foods and drink including a horrendous-looking yellow liquor.  We play it safe and just have some very sugary churros which were incredibly tasty! 

We’d hoped to walk around the old walls to the city but these too have an entry fee.  It’s beginning to get a little frustrating that so much of the city is off limits unless you dig into your wallet.  There are obviously a lot of upkeep costs but it would make for a nicer visit if at least some of the attractions were free – particularly since you can see most of them through the fences anyway!

Everyone seems really excited about the festival and there’s a real buzz about town.  There are lots of market stalls around and a huge stage set up on the main square.  We also spotted loads of people with drums and various other musical instruments.  It looks like it’s going to be a fun week in Tarragona!  

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