Thursday, 20 September 2012

The gay millionaire’s playground.

 Day 148 18.09.12 Sitges

Well it’s another grey cloudy day which means all my washing is still wet and starting to smell delightfully close to the aroma of a wet dog L

We drive up to a big supermarket on the edge of town to grab water and some other bits before making the short journey to the gay capital of Sitges just 8km away.  Our parking spot is at the port end of town overlooking a lovely cove beach.  It’s a gorgeous view but a real shame the weather is so naff, I’m sure it would be jaw-dropping in the sunshine.  After lunch we head into town.  We walk along the marina which is lined with numerous very swish looking bars.  The marina itself has smaller boats at the front and then leads back to several multi million pounds yachts.  There’s some serious money in this town!

Along the walk into town we pass several beaches, one of which is filled exclusively with naked gay men!  It’s quite a shock to the system!  Into town we go and certainly feel very out of place as its almost entirely gay couples and groups of gay men, there are very few women to be seen!  We also spot a man in his 50s wearing gold shiny Kylie-esque hotpants.  It’s an interesting town that’s for sure! 

The central beach here is very nice and surprisingly busy despite the rubbish weather.  Along the sea front there are lots of sculptures, mostly of naked women some of which are a little over detailed to say the least!!!  The buildings are all modern but many have beautifully decorative fronts.  As we walk into the town centre we find yet more lovely architecture, some of which is lovely original Art Deco and Nouveau, all alongside some massively seedy-looking bars!  Sitges is on the most part a very pretty place and extremely well looked after.  It’s obvious again that there’s an awful lot of money spent here, it’s a lot richer than many of the towns on the coast south of here. 

After finding the poorly signposted tourist office we find it’s closed for a two hour lunch break and the assistant inside is doing her very hardest to ignore us!  We pop instead into a hostel to grab a map and ask about a launderette we’d heard was here from someone in Vilanova.

The guy inside gives us some rather contradictory directions but we stumble across it eventually.  The machines look pretty shabby and it’s a bit expensive but we don’t really have any choice.  Back to the van we go to pick up several bags worth of laundry including all the stuff we hand washed to trek it all back to town.  It all takes seemingly forever to wash and then ‘dry’ before we load up again and head back home.  Its tiring stuff!

It’s well and truly time for dinner when we get back and then some more computer gaming.  We call it quits around 12:30pm and decide to get on the road to Barcelona.  We had set an alarm for 4am in order to avoid traffic and get a good parking spot but it hardly seems worth going to bed now so we bite the bullet and go…

…and immediately wish we hadn’t.  The road runs along the coast, zig-zagging its way around the cliff tops.  No doubt in day time the views would be spectacular.  At night time however it’s a poorly lit labyrinth of hairpin bends with sheer drops.  I felt like a rally driver navigator yelling out the angles of the curves in the road for Chris to negotiate.  Once we arrive in Barcelona, it’s no easier and our ‘open for 24 hours a day’ car park is closed.  After some ad-libbing, attempting to work out the one-way system and much reprogramming of the Sat Nav we head towards a back-up spot beside the port.  On the way however we find some free on-street parking in the business district.  There are a few failed attempts to pull into spaces too small and then we finally find somewhere to stop.  It’s been an awful nerve-wracking journey but finally we’re here.  We take a look around the local area and it seems to be a good spot.  There are a few other small campers dotted around and everywhere looks safe.  It’s about 2:30 am by the time we get the bed ready and settle down to sleep and boy do we need it after today!

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