Tuesday, 11 September 2012

So this is where Spain’s been hiding the economic crisis

Day 141 10.09.12 Sagunto

We nip to the nearby supermarket to pick up a few bits before an early lunch.  Then begins the long walk into town.  Our route takes us through a rough housing area which looks more like South America than Spain.  There are kids smoking weed, a small child playing with an empty cigarette pack and a man starting "his" car with a screwdriver.  Reminds us of Nottingham ;-p

Sagunto's castle / castillo in Spain
Sagunto cathedral, SpainNot the best of starts and unfortunately can’t help but colour our opinion of the rest of town.  We arrive in the small centre which is much nicer but still very run down.  The main reason for our visit was the huge castle on the hill overlooking the town.  It’s bigger than any I’ve seen before but sadly closed today as too is the nearby Roman theatre.  After grabbing a map at the tourist office we walk up towards the castle.  It is an astonishing sight which takes over the entirety of the ginormous hill.  The walk up the hill is pretty exhausting and doesn’t offer much reward.  You can’t see much of the detail of the castle up close without getting inside and the theatre is a disaster!  The Roman remains have been built around in order to create a functional theatre.  The building work is far from subtle or sympathetic and destroys the authenticity what would otherwise be an interesting attraction. 

Sagunto castillo or castle in Spain
The rest of the town has little to offer and we’re both keen to get back to the van having seen some of the rather dodgy looking locals.  We return to the van and both get some writing done as well as planning our next few stops.  We spend a little bit of time using the wifi to look into whether a visit inland to Zaragoza on the way up to Barcelona is feasible and worthwhile (verdict: hopefully!).

Afterwards it’s time for dinner and a movie then bed as we’re back on the road again tomorrow.

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