Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Winning friends and influencing people

Day 140 9.09.12 Sagunto

La Lonja de la Seda / silk exchange in Valencia, Spain
Gargoyle on the silk exchange in Valencia.  La Lonja de la Seda.Our last night in Valencia was a noisy one.  Several cars full of teenagers arrived around midnight and pulled up either side of the van.  They seemed to have a competition as to who had the loudest stereo for playing terrible 90s dance remixes.  The music unfortunately didn’t stop after the competition was won by the guy parked directly in front of us.  In fact the music went on till gone 2am, somewhat scuppering our plans for an early start.  We awoke to find an escorts calling card on our window and a bunch of other random items scattered around the van, as well as numerous early and smashed booze bottles along the road. 

We got on the road mid-morning to head for Sagunto’s beach area.  We grabbed lunch and then headed out to see if we could find some water.  Sure enough the foot taps on the beach didn’t seem too busy and were powerful enough to fill up our water carriers relatively quickly.  We filled up the van’s water tank and then went to look around the area.  There’s not really anything to see to be honest though!  The beach is quiet busy although the area isn’t much of a resort, presumably on account of the massive industrial port at the end of the beach! 

Silk exchange / la lonja de la seda in Valencia, SpainGothic window in the silk exchange in Valencia. La Lonja de la Seda.We head back to the van and I manage to get my hair washed (bliss!).  Part way through a stroppy lady comes over and tells us off for the water coming out of the bottom of the van.  The waste water tank should hold it but unfortunately sometime back in Northern Spain the tap snapped off leaving the water tank permanently open.  Stroppy lady was taking no argument from Chris, so I had to leap out of the shower so we could move outside of her precious car park and somewhere we could leak water in peace – for the ten minutes it takes before it evaporates in the sun!   After getting back in the shower to wash conditioner out of my hair we both got some hand washing done.

Having successfully annoyed enough residents with our water leakage we set off in the direction of town and pull up beside a McDonalds for the night.  It’s a bit late to bother with the walk to town so instead we enjoy the free wifi and I skype home to catch up with Mum and Dad.  Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures today since there wasn’t anything to snap so some shots left over from yesterday’s trip to the Silk Exchange building.


  1. Hi, Ali & Chris.

    Still really enjoying reading about your travels. We are green with envy!

    We also had problems with our waste water tank tap and replaced it and the hose with the type normally used for water butts, which we bought from our local DIY store. Replacing the old hose - which was partially blocked - caused the waste water to drain far more freely and the sink smelt better too. The new tap was also a better design than the old one and therefore easier to turn on and off. Hope this helps.

    Fellow Campers.

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the message. The waste water seems to drain ok, a little too well at times! We´ll be getting ourselves a new tap shortly when we get back to the UK and hopefully we´ll annoy people less in future!
    Ali and Chris