Friday, 7 September 2012

McDonalds survives the zombie apocalypse in Gandia

Day 133 2.09.12 Gandia

We awoke relatively early and soon after it began to rain.  It was proper rain this time, proper solar panel cleaning rain YAY!  We lazed around for a while to let it die down before hitting the road to Gandia.  We didn’t know a lot about the place but it seemed like a perfect stop off half way between our current location in Albir and the next destination of Valencia, plus the guide book said it had a nice palace.

We arrived and pulled in next to a shopping centre.  Being Sunday no shops were open, only the food court and cinema, giving it a rather creepy Dawn of the Dead kind of feel!  We had a look around the rest of the shopping area where there were lots more closed shops, Spain really does grind to a halt on Sundays!  We grabbed lunch in the van and then walked into town.  There’s quite a nice feel to the place even though it was deathly quiet.

We came across some quite plain churches on the road into town as well as a nice fountain.  Some of the buildings have some great detailing although a lot have been left to get run down.  The palace building looks rather ordinary from the outside and was closed for the afternoon sadly so no chance to check out the apparently extravagant-looking inside.  The main square plays home to some attractive buildings and what’s left of the fortified city walls are quite impressive.  There’s not a lot else to see and a fair amount of naff graffiti on houses in various states of disrepair.  The parks are a little run down too which is a shame because there’s a really pleasant atmosphere to the town otherwise.

We head back to the van to grab the laptops and then over to McDondald’s (they NEVER close!) to get some drinks and get the blog up to date.  We try and use the connection for Skyping home but it’s too weak and cracks up (boooo).

Back to the van instead for dinner, a film and bed.  Tomorrow we’re off to Valencia and I’m VERY excited!

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