Saturday, 15 September 2012


Day 142 11.09.12 Castellon

We’re up early and on the road to Castellon.  We park up at an out of town shopping area beside a large supermarket.  After grabbing some lunch I discover that I can pick up wifi from the petrol station over the road from the van.  Why a petrol station has free wifi when you can’t use your phone on the forecourt I have no idea!  Given that I’m not feeling very well today it’s an ideal way to while away the rest of the day getting the blog up to date and catching up on online news.

We have a short walk around the local area just to get out of the van but I’m not feeling up to much more so it’s back to the van for dinner and a movie.  Fingers crossed I’m feeling a bit more lively tomorrow!  Sorry no pics for today!

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