Saturday, 15 September 2012

A city in need of soul

Day 143 12.09.12 Castellon

Thankfully I’m feeling much better this morning so after some writing and a spot of lunch we head into town.  It’s not too long a walk before we come across a large square and a huge modern cathedral.  It’s nice to see a traditional style with a modern twist, although it does look a little out of place opposite the 17th century town hall building.

We have a wander around the nearby streets and enjoy some lovely bits of architecture.  There are loads of modern statues in the street here, mostly depicting normal people out shopping, although there are a few more abstract ones as well.   It’s a nice way to brighten up the city but many have graffiti or serious wear and tear that diminishes their appeal.

Castellon is very difficult to find your way around as there are virtually no maps around and no signposts at all.  I asked for a map at a hotel as the tourist centre was nowhere to be seen.  It turned out after following the map that the tourist office was on the outskirts of the centre on a large roundabout!

We enjoyed a walk around a nice but plain park which had some very interesting and unique looking houses surrounding it. 

There is a huge amount of building and restoration work taking place here which somewhat mars our visit.  There is scaffolding here there and everywhere as well as lots of workmen digging up bits of road. It all appears to be Government funded work and it seems a little odd and quite unfortunate that they don’t just get one project finished before moving onto the next.  It would certainly make the centre a more enjoyable place to be!

It’s a nice enough city with some pleasant sights but it’s a bit of a characterless place.  There just isn’t much structure to it.  There’s no obvious centre, no main shopping street and the architecture is a bizarre jumble of different periods and styles.

It has been a really hot day today so we retreat back to the van in the late afternoon to cool off and shower.  We make the most of the free wifi and then settle down for a film.

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