Sunday, 2 September 2012

The only time I’ve ever welcomed rain.

Day 130 30.08.12 Alicante

Mercado / Market building in Alicante, SpainThankfully on our second day, Alicante managed to muster a cooling breeze which really took the edge off the otherwise overwhelming heat.  After a slow morning and some lunch we headed into town to have a look around.  The beach is a stunning turquoise colour lapping at caramel coloured sands, it looks thoroughly tropical.  The entire promenade is very well maintained and surprisingly not too busy.

Once we reached the edge of town it got a lot busier and the marina promenade is lined with fast food eateries and tourist tat shops.  The marina itself is pretty though and houses a huge pirate themed boat restaurant which looks like a great place to grab a surprisingly decent priced meal.  Over the road you find the extravagant looking town hall with its domed towers and stylish window decorations.  Through into the old town we found a number of café lined squares and some simple churches. 

In the Plaza Nueva we came across a rather bizarre fish tank in the centre of the square.  Whilst only home to some rather miserable looking grey fish, it’s an interesting quirk in an otherwise quite soulless city.  The market building is particularly nice as too is the lovely Basilica, but other than that Alicante is a little drab on the sight-seeing front.   

Overlooking the town is a huge castle on the hill.  I’m not sure whether or not it’s open to visitors as there appeared to be a lot of monitoring equipment up there.  Needless to say given the heat we decided not to climb the huge hill to find out! 

Pirate ship restaurant in Alicante marina, Spain
Basilica in Alicante, SpainAlicante has a little more than I had originally given it credit for, but primarily it’s a beach destination and little else.  In its defence however the beach is particularly beautiful.  It’s well maintained and not as tacky as I’d expected but it feels a little lifeless.

We headed back to the van to get some writing done and then over to McDonalds to update the blog after a rather naughty week-long hiatus!  Whilst we were inside, the clouds started to gather and thunder and lightning filled the sky.  There doesn’t appear to be much rain yet but we’re hoping for some in order to clear the muggy air and clean the van!

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