Sunday, 2 September 2012

Costa del Actually Quite Nice

Day 131 31.08.12 Albir

The beach at Albir and coast round to Altea in SpainWell we got some rain, enough to clear the air but not to wash Van Diesel unfortunately.  The temperature today is much more pleasant and there’s a refreshing breeze too which is more than welcome!

We get up and about quite early, sort out the van and hit the road.  A friend of ours (hi George!) suggested we visit Albir on the coast so that’s the plan.  The drive was relatively uneventful and we park up on the edge of town by the big supermarkets.  We stock up at Lidl and head back to the van for lunch. 

Afterwards is off to town and the beach.  There’s a really nice atmosphere here and they’ve managed to strike the right balance between welcoming tourism and avoiding being overwhelmed by it.  You can find postcards, bucket and spade sets and a full English if you want it but it’s not rammed down your throat with the horrifying brashness you’ll find elsewhere on the Costa. 

Albir coastline, Spain
The view from the beach is utterly amazing.  The water is such a stunning colour!  The pebble beach stretches on for miles around the coast towards the rocky outcrop of Penon de Ifach.  We enjoy a walk along the sea front and then head back through town.  We get out postcards sent off finally – the post offices here are open for approximately five minutes per day I swear!  Afterwards we take a walk up the hill towards the nature reserve for even more impressive views of the beach and bay.  Up there we find lots of nice villas and expensive looking holiday homes with some no doubt jaw dropping vistas.

Sunset clouds and Van Diesel.After some dinner we take a short walk to a nearby bench where we could pick up some wifi.  As we returned the sun was setting which made for an amazing looking sky! 

We grabbed showers and settled down for more Indiana Jones action.

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