Friday, 3 August 2012

Time-wasting in Tarifa

Day 102 2.08.12 Tarifa

We decide to spend a second lazy day in Tarifa and to be honest we don’t get up to that much.  We head into town mid-morning for wifi and another wander about.  It’s a nice place but there isn’t a huge amount left to see. 

We check out the prices for day trips to Morocco but they mainly appear to be fully organised day trips with guided tours and lunch included.  They seem like the kind of deal where you end up having to pay a lot of hidden extras and we aren’t keen on being shepherded about.  The alternative is to get a ticket for just a boat trip which is actually more expensive?!  It certainly seems a bit dodgy to us, the kind of deal where you get lunch but drinks aren’t included and just so happen to cost a fortune.  It’s a big shame as I really wanted to check out Tangier but with the looming expense of a new loo on the horizon and a huge desire not to get ripped off we decided against it.

We came back for lunch and hid out from the sun’s heat.  The rest of the day was spent lounging around in the van playing iphone app games and watching films.  Not a lot else to say I’m afraid.  Chris isn’t feeling up to doing much due to his sunburn so we’re just relaxing until he’s feeling better and it’s time to hit Gibraltar and meet up with friends.  

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